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Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is ejaculation that occurs too early, usually before or shortly after...

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Benefits of Circumcision

Male circumcision is one of the oldest and most common surgical procedures...

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The launch of sildenafil (Viagra), world's first orally active drug for sexual disorder in...

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Blood In Semen

blood in semen in medical terminology is also called haemotospermia. men can...

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How important is sex in Health Marriage Life?

Proin eu sapien non tortor mattis auctor ac sit amet justo. Aliquam pellentesque odio quis eleifend...

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Sex in Health Marriage Life?

How important is sex in Health Marriage Life?How important is sex in Health Marriage Life?How...

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Sex And Relationship.

There is lots of speculation about a man and woman's sexuality. A couple engages in intercourse not only for reproduction but to satiate each other's sexual needs. While the sexual needs are only related to intercourse as the term indicates, it carries a lot more than just physical togetherness. It is not only a biological need it also is emotional connection. Research shows us that women most often connect intercourse with emotional bonding while men fall short in emotional quotient and can indulge in casual sex more often than a woman. Whatever the reasons are, ultimately intercourse leads to exploring one's sexuality and to attain pleasure. Both men and women’s strive hard to impress each other on bed by making efforts to please and seek the other's attention to maximum levels.

While at it, they often forget that instead of enjoying it, they deviate their concentration to the methods and ways they have learned about or come across. Concentration is the main key to enjoy what you and how you do rather than implementation of methodology. While having said this, it is also necessary to know your basics and have a good knowledge about yours as well as your partner's sexuality and desires. Ways to reach the peak are many, but what you chose has to be what your partner is looking for.


How to get a hard erection.

Erection is a result of direct stimulation to the central nervous system by actually stimulating...

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Side effects of viagra.

The launch of sildenafil (Viagra), world's first orally active drug for sexual disorder in men...

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Sex and Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where in the production of insult by the pancreas is not insufficient.  Diabetes in men and...

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Impotency and its causes

Impotency is derived from a Latin word meaning lacking physical strength or vigor or weak also interpreted as lacking...

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Oligospermia is a condition where in there is scanty of sperm in the semen leading to infertility.  It is diagnosed...

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Sexually Transmitted Disease 2

Sexually Transmitted Disease 1Sexually Transmitted Disease 1Sexually Transmitted Disease 1Sexually Transmitted Disease...

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  • Me and my wife very much wanted to have a child but things weren't working out in our favor. we did a lot of tests and i found out i was to be blamed as my semen count was extremely low. my friend recommended me to Dr khokar as he also was successfully treated by him. i decided to finally see him. i was very impressed to how friendly and approachable Dr Khokar was. he was very patient while i shooted at him a ton of doubts and queries i had. i was properly counselled and finally i decided to take his medicines. in no time my wife gave me the good news i was wanting to hear from ages. now im a proud father to the cutest angel to the world and believe me fatherhood is the most amazing feeling. so who ever is facing the same problem consult Dr khokar and cherish fatherhood.

  • my decision to consult Dr Khokar has been life changing. i have finally started getting interested in Sex (my wife is quite happy about it). i feel stronger, rejuvenated, working out more and amazingly feel a few years younger.

  • in 2013, i visited Dr Khokar as i was having erectile dysfunction. i was facing this problem for a couple of years and consulted various Doctors but nothing helped. but when i visited Dr khokar things started looking up for me. i was very impressed with the amount of dedicated and experienced he possessed. my issue was dealt with utmost care and privacy.he figured out the root cause of my problem with was low testosterone. he then Rightly diagnosed me and in no time my problem was solved. i got treated and got back my lost confidence. finally got married now i'm leading a healthy married life.

  • i would highly recommend Dr khokar to All the men out there facing sexual problems and spoiling up their lives the way i did.but the Doctor is a life savior. got treated and enjoying my life to the fullest. get in touch with this doctor and all your sexual problems will be solved in no time.

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